Proposed tunnel solution for Gympie Road traffic congestion

North Brisbane Infrastructure is preparing an investment proposal looking at the potential of the Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel as a solution to ease traffic congestion.

A range of investigations are being undertaken to inform the investment proposal. Work being done will build on previous studies conducted for the North-West Transport Corridor and complement other transport investments being planned in the Northern Brisbane region. Community input is an important part of the investment proposal. To help inform the investigations, North Brisbane Infrastructure invited feedback during community consultation from Monday 30 October to Sunday 3 December.

Potential benefits

By removing through-traffic from Gympie Road, the proposed tolled tunnel would deliver a missing link in the broader South East Queensland road network and provide a range of potential benefits for commuters and locals.

North Brisbane Infrastructure

North Brisbane Infrastructure is a special purpose entity of QIC Limited, a Queensland Government owned company.

The Gympie Road Bypass Tunnel investment proposal and the establishment of North Brisbane Infrastructure was announced in June 2023.

Next steps

The work undertaken by North Brisbane Infrastructure will be completed by mid-2024 and provided to the State Government for consideration.

Should the tunnel proposal proceed to an investment decision, there will be more opportunities for the community to provide feedback as the project progresses. Throughout the planning and design process, locations and configurations of both the tunnel and portal would be refined to minimise property impacts where possible. Direct consultation would be undertaken with potentially impacted property owners through future project stages.

Any proposed alignment would be subject to further community consultation and rigorous environmental assessments.